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Concept-Stage Games[edit]

Note there's no chance of most of these ever actually getting made, I just enjoy designing a possible outline for any genre I get into.

  • Aether: ARES - system shock style game
  • Aether: Bound - a diablo-style aRPG where you simultaneously control a cleric of Ishtar and a witch on the plane Elysium
  • Aether: Clicker - an adult clicker game where you overcome SexFight performers
  • Aether: Consort - an adult visual novel set on the plane of Midgard, where you play a new convert to Minerva
  • Aether: Deity - adventuring party simulator where you play as a time-god (Chronos) indirectly controlling people
  • Eternal Empire - Assassin's Creed/Shadows of Mordor/inFamous clone, where you fight procedural clockwork armies in dusty cities
  • Aether: DWARF - a terraria/cargo commander/super motherlode combo, you play as a mining drone sent to recover mithril as efficiently as possible (time trial/cost analysis)
  • Aether: Homestead - terraria clone
  • Aether: SexFight - fighting game with the conceit that the characters are insanely sexy because they're SexFight performers and it's their job to be
  • Aether: Slayer - archer game where you dungeon dive as a feykin

the Planes[edit]

  • the Aether - a plane of pure magical energy that attaches itself to all other planes, the place where mortal souls and the gods reside
  • Sanctum - a demiplane in the Aether populated by the elohim and Yahweh's gilded shining throne.
  • Midgard - mainly focusing on Terra, a cyberpunk world beset by demons from Hel, but also including the Sol system and the monsters that live there
  • Hel - a vastness of nothing but demons fighting each other for survival
  • Arcadia - a void containing Yggdrasil and the Ouroboros rotating around it, the massive 'tree' populated by the Fey and many fantastical beasts
  • Elysium - a dark fantasy world, set on an inside-out planet, where magic is rare and always comes from the Gods
  • Yashima - japanese folklore inspired setting of ninjas and samurai

list of lists[edit]

Dev Notes[edit]

Possible species names: Draig/the draig drax/draxxen/ortahl